Last Saturday.

First post in months. Guess who?

Dear Followers:

This blog is inactive and will stay inactive until a time that we can do UrbExing again.

It just hasn’t been on the cards lately, but being so close to the holidays, I’ll be back to exploring soon. Plenty of free time during the holidays to play catchup.

Until then, hang tight and I will be back.


I’ve started a forum for everything Urbex in Australia!

Go take a look!

I disappear for a fortnight and gain two followers?!


Anyway, sorry for my absence. If I had an excuse, I’d use it but truthfully… I’m just lazy.

That and I’ve basically run out of photos to post up. Haven’t ubexed in three weeks!

If you’re interested, inbox me a request to my other blog. That may see more attention until I get out to a site.

Sorry :).

Damn! Somebody took the medkit! - ABB Spotswood.

Quality could be better, I know - ABB Spotswood.

Repost - Yorkshire Brewery.

Precarious and (very) exposed catwalks.

We got reported by some random as having crossbows… I think they confused our tripods with crossbows, but you can’t exactly tell the difference from all the way down there.

Trying to upstage the sky line - Newport Silos.

Yorkshire Brewery Redevelopment (It’s been approved…):

Some of you may remember a short write-up I did about the Yorkshire Brewery in Collingwood and the proposed plans to redevelop the gorgeous historic building.

Well, a post on Kitten Of Doom’s blog ( notified me that Heritage Victoria approved amended plans, making very minor changes.

I’ll also copy and paste a comment that is the subject of the above post:

(From Loretta)
“Hi, I’m planning a door knock with J Rayner to get as many objections lodged as possible. It has been approved as I understand it by Heritage Vic, now it is going to town planning. Any help would be great, going to try to get to as many objections as possible and they must be lodged by July 30th. You seem more informed as to the details which I don’t have time for unfortunately. Am trying to see if I can find anyone in the media who it would be of interest to however I’d need assistance. Surely we can gather a movement of people who would be opposed to this..?!


As far as I can tell, it’s still in the hands of the Council, but it has or is being presented to town planning. This is getting serious, objections are still needed. As many as possible.

In short, the development would increase already bad congestion along Punt/Hoddle St., dominate the skyline and the Brew Tower (having once been the tallest point in Melbourne and currently the most distinguished landmark in Collingwood) and cast shadow onto houses below, effectively blocking the sun for around 6 hours per day…

Please, read through the links above, my post and if you have any information or are willing to help out, please send what you have to Loretta, or myself (through Tumblr) or reblog this for me.

The Yorkshire Brewery is one of my favourite places in Melbourne and a popular Urbex haunt:

- Syn